Barb Rachner Ministries Testimonies

Life Coaching Testimonies

Lynn B.
Galveston, Texas
Age 51
"Barb is truly anointed by God to touch His precious women. Her strength, knowledge of the Word, and unconditional love and support, have had a major impact in healing, not only my life, but within my family. God is really using Barb through her option of Phone Life Coaching. I wondered in the beginning if her Phone Life Coaching would be as impacting with her counseling and anointed powerful prayer that flows through her, and it definitely is! I believe it’s the Word of God that has the anointing, from the first day God SPOKE everything into existence. I highly recommend Barb’s Phone Coaching to any woman who has lives too far from her, or has a hectic schedule like me. God bless Barb and EVERYONE she coaches with God’s mighty Words!"
Age 19
"I have personally never felt so comfortable in a situation. Mrs. Barb is someone I feel I could tell any detail of my life to, without feeling judged. She has helped me through a very tough time and I am forever grateful."
League City, Texas
Age 56
"The first time I spoke to Barb I told her I wasn’t sure she was what I was looking for, but I was on a quest to improve my life. I had done a lot of therapy the last many years, plus had read numerous self-help books, but still felt an incredible emptiness. I was looking for something I knew I didn’t have, even though I didn’t know what it was. For the first time, I didn’t have work and children keeping me too busy to think about myself, too busy to feel. I had been through a lot of turmoil and loss, and wanted to let go but didn’t know how. When Barb asked me specifically “What are you looking for?” – I told her “I want peace. I think I am looking for God.” I remember how good I felt when she told me Jesus is the Prince of Peace—I thought it was a sign. She told me her goal in life-coaching is to help her clients get to a place of peace and purpose in their present life, and to learn how to maintain it in their future. She told me there was nothing too tough for God to handle. Barb doesn’t write medical prescriptions; she prescribes Bible Scriptures instead. She answers my many questions, and has helped me find myself, by helping me to find Jesus. Though I still struggle at times, I am learning a lot and feel a new peace because of Romans 10:9. I know I am on the right journey because my heart is healing."
Houston, Texas
"I was so toxic until Barb, through her gift of Life Coaching, showed me the way to Romans 10:9 (NIV Bible: “That if I confess with my mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in my heart that God raised Him (Jesus) from the dead, I will be saved.”) My life is changing from the inside out as she continues to teach me to speak specific Scriptures over all my issues."
Nicki Vletas
Houston, Texas
Age 49
"There have been so many crossovers in my life. The most important is when Barb and I shared the Cross and stopped there. Taking Scriptures and inserting my loved ones’ names into those to become prayers that were answered. Barb was God’s vehicle of a ‘safety net’ He provides on this earth with a sincere heart and His Word. I was a very injured bird when I stopped at the Cross with Barb. Today I can only somewhat tell you the circumstances, but the pain has gone away. I've learned you can never stop staying on the path by seeing Barbs passionate way of living in Christ. It won’t prevent bad to happen; it just softens the fall as healing begins very quickly. And I am happy to say I am still standing at the Cross!"

Book Testimonies

Pastor Enos
Jesus Restoration Centre
Busia, Kenya, Africa
"When I read Power Parenting, the Spirit of the Lord freshly speaks to me. My teachings are from this book. Many are challenged and changed. The Lord is at work. I thank God for this book. The Kenyans are embracing these truths and are thirsty for it. Power Parenting is transforming many here in Africa."
Pastors Damaries and Peter
Spiritual Life Centre
Bungoma, Kenya, Africa
"As Gospel preachers, we have experienced the presence and move of God through the Holy Spirit in this book, Power Parenting. Nearly in every conference/seminar that we have attended with the message from this book, people have never remained the same. We have seen families reconciled, people refreshed in spirit and lives changed and given to Christ."
Kenya, Africa
"I am one of the people who will live to testify about the Power Parenting book. Through the power and the anointing that this book is carrying, I reconciled with my husband and we came together again as husband and wife. I really thank God always for the message it is carrying. I will live to read it daily."
Houston, TX
"Power Parenting helps me pray GOD's WORD over my children with greater direction, focus and POWER! It is a tremendous parenting tool to me and blessing to my family! After lifting up my children in prayer, it is always exciting to see how GOD faithfully reveals HIS WILL in their lives!"
Houston, TX
"Don't let the name "Power Parenting" fool you...Its power praying.  Be amazed at how God transforms you and your family through the powerful scripture based prayers.  It travels with me from room to room. Sometimes, I may only read one prayer and some days, I may read one right after another. You will grow deeper in your knowledge of Scripture and draw closer to God. This is truly God speaking through Power Parenting Easy As A,B,C.  I don't know what I would do without this book, as our family lives have been enriched and drenched in prayer. I have been blessed.  To God be the Glory!"
Laguna Beach, California
"I felt inspired to write to you to let you know that your Power Parenting book has made an impact in assisting me in His ministries. I am grateful you spoke to Aglow in Southern Texas as I would never have heard about your most effective, concise and simple book had you not spoken. While I have many Bibles and wonderful reference books, the Lord gave you a powerful Christian and Intercessor's reference handbook to write. After reading your chapter(s), the Holy Spirit ignites additional messages and I am grateful to you and your book for the push-start. Bottomline: Thank you for hearing His Voice and writing this book and helping people discover the power of their words."
Houston, TX
"Praying the Word of God saved my son's life. No meds, no psychiatrists, no psychiatric hospitals (like we were told he needed) - just the constant and consistent praying of the Word of God. There is no better way to pray the Word of God than by using the prayers in Power Parenting Easy As A,B,C. Whether your need is specific or you want to bless your children in every area of their lives, this book is the perfect tool. I thank God for saving my son's life through His awesome Word and for Power Parenting for making it so easy for us to do!"
Valerie and Dale
Pearland, TX
"Our most favorite chapters in Power Parenting Easy As A,B,C are the letter "F" for FAITH & FAVOR! We as parents need to be so grounded & FILLED to OVERFLOWING in the "treasure chest" of our Spirit, so we can uncover & boldly speak forth God's promises. This book teaches a rock-solid path to do that in a FAITH-filled Scriptural way. These truths continue to make an extremely powerful difference for us and our precious family, as we diligently pray (confess) the HOLY WORD of GOD. Abounding thanks to the Lord for this power-packed prayer devotional!"
San Diego, California
"Power Parenting, As Easy as A,B,C is an exceptional book, unparalleled to any God-inspired daily devotional and parenting book I have ever had the privilege of reading! The layer upon layer of Holy Spirit inspired readings are FOOD FOR THE SOUL. Power Parenting is the manifestation of God holding out His enormous Hand to walk you into His sovereign presence and love. Through the power of God’s Scriptures, this book fills you up with the understanding of His word, which is Him! By applying Power Parenting to your daily life, you will find rest and relief in Jesus, even when all is dark and bleak. Use this divinely appointed expression of Biblical verses to receive the guidance, strength and power of the Holy Spirit."
Houston, TX
"My children grew from obedient, loving children to young adults who seemed to be caught up in having a "good time". As my daughter explained it to me, "Mom, all young people are supposed to party." What had I done wrong as a parent? As it turns out, it wasn’t what I had done wrong, it was what I had not done. I hadn’t prayed specifically and purposefully for my family, children and their future. Power Parenting has guided me in purposeful, specific prayer for my adult children and grandchildren. It’s never too late to start praying powerfully!"
Houston, Texas
"'I declare, by faith, that my children cannot fail, for the Author of completion, confidence, and success dwells on the inside of them, and for that I am eternally grateful.' This quote from Power Parenting Easy as A,B,C encapsulates into one sentence, the message of this book. From the very moment we become a parent until our very last breath, we hope and desire health, happiness and success for our children. This book illuminates the way and truth that we, as parents, can obtain the very best for our families, through prayer in faith. No matter what the circumstances of your life are or where you are in your spiritual strength, this book will empower you to seek and believe."
Malibu, California
"The entire book is a must read. However, do not skip the Introduction. When I first opened Power Parenting, and began to read the Introduction, I recognized the authority under which it was written. Truly God has written this book. You will be provoked to a deeper relationship with God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. If you do not know the Lord, you will. If you do know Him, you will know Him better and love Him all the more. This book is for everyone, not just parents. Read it and reread it. Your life and those that you love will be forever transformed."
LaMarque, Texas
"I wish I could have had this book, Power Parenting, in my life earlier as my sons are now 28 and 22. After losing my husband 4 years ago, the devil tried to fill me with the fear of losing my sons as well, but GOD's WORD in the passages of this book put the skids on that thought every time it rears its ugly head! One son is currently serving in the Army in Afghanistan and the other is back from the Marines, and every time the enemy comes in like a flood, the Scriptures about the promised protection of Angels are verbalized and I can once again walk in PEACE. Learning to SPEAK Scriptures of FAITH instead of words of FEAR is a skill that has to be learned and practiced - but the dividends are great. I give this book as a BABY shower gift to new PARENTS in order to equip them for a SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY!"
San Diego, California
"As the Mom of a grown, middle-aged daughter who is going through tough times, I am glad to have received this powerful book recently. Power Parenting Easy As A,B,C is so full of wisdom and deep insight, with wonderful ways to pray and use Scripture. How I wish I had had this and worked this book when the children were little. I am thrilled to have it now, though, and know that it is never too late. I will now use it for my children and grandchildren while believing in the mighty work of our loving God, even in the midst of circumstances that in the natural seem impossible."
Houston, Texas
"Power Parenting Easy As A,B,C is the long awaited, comprehensive, God-inspired informational guide to child-rearing that we have all have been "in search of" for years now. This book encapsulates God’s Word regarding parenting and prescribes it in dosages that are powerful, meaningful and motivating for parents with children of all ages."

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