Barb Rachner Minitries Scriptures and Prayers

About Barb

Barb has been helping females realize God’s true calling in their life for many years as a Christian counselor. Prior to her current life coaching business, she was the lead female counselor on staff at a church of 2,000 members in the Houston area.

Her life coaching includes counsel for a multitude of challenging issues:
  • Suicide/Depression/Low self-esteem
  • Marital issues pertaining to adultery/abuse/pornography/anger
  • Addictions including alcoholism/drugs/cutting/promiscuity/rage
  • Parenting challenges/Single parenting challenges
  • Spiritual confusion/Indecision/Lack of purpose
  • Unhealthy communication within families/relationships/marriages
  • Loneliness/Co-dependency/Isolation

Life Coach Services

Client Base: Females of all ages, Couples (Marital Issues), etc.

Life Coach Services Offered: In-person Session (payment due at end of each one-hour session) or Telephone Session (payment due per paypal or credit card over phone).

Availability: Week days and nights/ Weekends on occasion

Hourly Rate: $50.00/hour (Individual), $75.00/hour (Couple)

Physical Address: office at 18343 Cape Bahamas Lane, Nassau Bay 77058

What can you expect to receive?
  • A personal life coach
  • An active and loving listener
  • A proactive partner who helps you overcome the past with a healed heart
  • An encourager and motivator
  • A caring companion who is passionate about your God-given purpose
  • A strong Scriptural mentor who has a unique approach to help you implement to change the course of your life

If interested in hearing more or desire to schedule a session, please contact
Barb by phone (832-289-6576) or submit Contact Form for a free phone consult